New Blog

Given that the Neowin blogs will soon be going the way of the dodo, I was in search for a new blogging service for my irrational ramblings. WordPress seemed like a logical first choice to try, so I decided to create an account under my alias, Xinok. But when I tried to register, it notified me that my email address was already being used. Unbeknownst to me, I’ve had a WordPress blog for nearly seven years now, sitting around, gathering dust, hiding in the brushes of the internet, waiting to be rediscovered. I quickly changed away from the horrid default theme to something more elegant, and so I have a new home for my mindless rants.

My hope is to produce writings that are informative or thought-provoking. Some posts will be to show off my latest accomplishment to satisfy my ego, but that’s to be expected. I strive to be an innovator, coming up with new ideas or making new discoveries, so some of my writings are bound to be of that nature as well. Overall, I hope to produce something that is unique and special, not just the mindless ramblings that you typically encounter on Facebook or elsewhere. I was merely being playful with my first paragraph, but I don’t wish to post garbage; there’s way too much of that in the world as it is.